Creating a positive learning environment in the classroom allows students to feel comfortable, safe and engaged – something that all students deserve. In a classroom where values and roles remain constant and focus is placed on the positive aspects of learning, students will be more open to actively participating in class.

Students are given the opportunity to become responsible for their own learning hence students are more likely to benefit from the lesson, and thus more likely to be self-motivated. This is a vital goal for all teachers, since lack of motivation is often the root of disciplinary issues.


  • Pupils are active in their learning
  • Learning is frequently based on real-life contexts
  • Tasks and activities promote thinking skills
  • Classroom work promotes creativity and imagination
  • Frequent and varied use of ICT and digital media
  • Assessment for Learning techniques are embedded
  • Teachers employ varied questioning techniques
  • Classroom work promotes independent and self-directed learning
  • Classroom work promotes investigative and discovery learning
  • Resources for learning are varied and stimulating
  • Dialogue between teachers and learners is regular and meaningful
  • Learners are encouraged to develop metacognitive skills